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With over 14,000 copies now sold, Anna Hunt’s bestselling memoir charts her journey from Cambridge graduate and celebrity interviewer for one of the highest selling newspapers in Britain, to the untouched wilderness of the Peruvian rainforest where she spent months drinking one of the most potent hallucinogens known to man, to apprentice to a disarmingly handsome and charismatic Peruvian shaman. & back again.

Today she is a London-based shaman working with an international portfolio of private and corporate clients.

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‘Wonderful. Every woman should read this book.’ Sunday Times Style

‘I love this book. It’s a real page turner.’ Sadie Frost

About Anna

Anna distils the very best from shamanic techniques, and blends them with the most effective modern approaches to assist her clients in handling the inevitable challenges of daily life, and attaining sustainable inner peace. In her hands, shamanism becomes accessible, dynamic and relevant spirituality for the 21st century.

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