A Quantum Collapsing Immersion

A Quantum Collapsing Immersion

When: TBC

Where: Violet Hill Studios, 6 Violet Hill, London NW8 9EB.

How much: £695

This workshop is ideal for anyone suffering from ‘stress’, an overactive mind and emotional turbulence. If you’re anxious about the future, holding onto guilt about the past, feeling drained, tired and that life is running you – this workshop will enable you to get back on track. Fast.

All spiritual traditions agree that our thoughts about ourselves and our life experiences, create our reality – in terms of how we feel and, therefore, how we perform. Quantum collapsing is the most powerful and accessible methodology I have found that enables us to authentically and swiftly change our thoughts. It rapidly dissolves the emotions behind what we label ‘stress’ and dramatically improves how we feel, increasing our self-belief and confidence, and as a result, our ability to handle life.

This methodology can be used to address even the toughest challenges – personal or professional, and the emotions to which they give rise, including past baggage we might have held onto for many years, and tried to shift unsuccessfully previously. The process involves rapidly answering predetermined questions to powerfully shift our thinking. & because we’re working the mind to defeat the mind’s limited view of ourselves and our circumstances, as opposed to trying to actively calm down thoughts, the process meets us where we’re at, even if we’re stressed, distracted or depressed.

The results are: increased self-confidence, mental and emotional stability, clarity of judgement and enhanced performance in all areas of life.

Watch the video below to find out more about Quantum Collapsing and read more about what actually happens at the workshop below:

The crushing guilt around our children lifts and I feel like an impartial bystander in the story of my marriage. [By the end of the day] I feel like myself again – a good sorted, confident version of me.

Sharon Walker writing in Red, September 2013.

What will we be doing?

Day 1 kicks off with a light-hearted and dynamic talk exploring the quantum physics we draw upon in completing a quantum collapse.  By mid-morning, I would expect you to have a basic understanding of the universal principles that govern all life on the planet, drawing on the work of luminaries, such as Einstein, Aristotle and Emerson, together with an idea of what we’re looking to achieve during the workshop itself.  You will receive a booklet to take away, for you to recap your understanding of these theorems at a later date, should you choose.

The rest of the day is devoted to doing a full quantum collapse on an important relationship in your life that is a source of challenge / distress, and which generates a lot of mental and emotional chatter for you.  People tend to work on primal relationships – with parents, siblings, bosses, partners, best friends.  Anyone that you have a put on an unrealistic pedestal to which you can’t live up causing you to suffer and feel compromised. Or someone with whom you have an irresolvable beef. In either case, where the relationship (or memory of it) gives rise to difficult emotions.  Each person will be working on a form, answering pre-determined questions, and I will float, giving additional assistance when clients hit blocks.

The immersion is demanding, but hugely transformative.  If you put your back into it, you will end the day feeling liberated, empowered, grateful, open-hearted and at peace.  You will feel markedly different about both the person or event, and yourself, with a noticeably more energetic and positive outlook on life in general.

In addition, I will be training you to use this process for yourself going forward.

Day 2 commences with an exercise on values and purpose that builds on yesterday’s collapsing work. When we’re present, grounded and in a space of gratitude, it’s much easier to identify our true, heart-centred values in the different areas of life (career through to family to finance to health etc) from which arise our true purpose – our life’s work. The insights of the morning will be revealing and useful, going forward. You’ll have a clarity about yourself and your purpose on which to draw in the months ahead.

I cap the numbers of my quantum collapsing immersion groups to ensure that there is plenty of opportunity for individual attention, so please come back to me sooner rather than later if this is of interest.

For more info and bookings, please email: anna@annahunt.com

At the beginning of 2018, I joined one of Anna’s four-day retreats at a point where my life was in a very bad place. The impact of the retreat was immediate, and I saw significant improvements in my relationship with a work colleague only days after returning to the office. I had a completely different view and approach to them which was reflected in how they responded to me too, and our relationship has subsequently transformed. Some months later, I can honestly say I am coming to the end of this year in the most positive frame of mind I think I have ever been in. Even more surprisingly – or maybe not, due to the power of the work that Anna does – I have been given an opportunity to work in the career/role that I have been dreaming of for a long time (part of my intention for the retreat) working directly for that colleague. I still can’t quite believe it. I have got myself to a great place with Anna’s help.  A big thank you.
Michelle Wright, Rail Safety Consultant

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Anna distils the very best from shamanic techniques, and blends them with the most effective modern approaches to assist her clients in handling the inevitable challenges of daily life, and attaining sustainable inner peace. In her hands, shamanism becomes accessible, dynamic and relevant spirituality for the 21st century.

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