Peru 2022: The Trip of a Lifetime into the Heart of Peru

When: 29 October – 13 November 2022

Where: The Andes and Amazon Rainforest outside Iquitos

How much: Price by application

Peru is my spiritual home, the place where my shamanic lineage resides. My aim with this trip is to enable you to connect with the essential heartbeat of this very special land. Peru is home to 28 of the world’s 32 ecosystems and during our two weeks, we shall be exploring two of them in depth – the Andes and the Amazon rainforest.

This itinerary has been put together to ensure you experience the authentic culture, history, people and cuisine of these two ecosystems, together with the Natural world that is so vital and alive in Peru. Above all, my intention is to introduce you to the specific indigenous shamanic traditions that have developed in response to these physical environments, guiding you to connect with these healing traditions at their most authentic and powerful.

Our week in the Andes centres around Machu Picchu, Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Each day we shall be visiting what I believe to be the most powerful archaeological sites in this ecosystem – many of them little-known and off the beaten track. Our guides and I will outline in detail the authentic archaeological and anthropological truths behind each of them. & I shall be working with you shamanically each day – sometimes indoors, sometimes outdoors in these places of power – to enable you to connect as deeply as possible to both these powerful and beautiful energy vortices, and to yourselves. The shamanic work, and the order in which we visit the sites, has been specifically designed to have a cumulative effect, enhancing your wellbeing each day and gently building your understanding of the Andean traditions.

In the Amazon rainforest outside Iquitos, we shall be working with a shaman whose ayahuasca is among the purest medicines I’ve tasted. This experience will be against the backdrop of the deep jungle and the Amazon river. Our lodge offers an authentic, comfortable jungle experience and I have specifically chosen it because of its location a short boat-ride from our shaman’s home, giving us the unique opportunity to visit him and his family there. This is an experience afforded few Westerners. In addition to the shamanic work, we shall explore this ecosystem’s stunning wildlife, including the rare pink dolphins that are unique to this part of the world. & we shall visit an indigenous community for whom the jungle is home to see how this fragile world is changing in the face of globalisation, and how communities are adapting to this new reality. This week, I shall be guiding you on a deep journey into the senses and facilitating transformational healing of the body in this most powerful of ecosystems that has been called the lungs of our planet.

This trip is strictly by invitation only as it’s advanced work. In addition, the group will be deliberately small to ensure we share a relaxing, deeply-healing and intimate experience together.

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What people are saying about previous trips

Meticulous, dedicated, and holistic in its reach. No matter where in the personality spectrum you are, this is an experience that you won’t ever forget. Exceptional in every aspect, and one of the best decisions one can make. There is nothing comparable out there…

Sebastian Strassburg, Architect and Entrepreneur, Andorra

Hands down, this was the best and most fulfilling trip I have ever been on. Peru has always been on my bucket list and to say that this was a trip of a lifetime is really an understatement…all thanks to Anna and her team. Peru itself was utterly magical, but what made this trip so uniquely special was being able to experience it in a shamanic context with a true Peruvian lineage shaman. Visiting the ecosystem of the mountains and that of the Amazon jungle was truly (third) eye and soul opening, and the retreat has left me with unforgettable and cherished memories, as well as an open heart and deep sense of connection. In terms of practicalities, you could really see how much thought went into arranging the itinerary. From the amazing and special sites we visited to the beautiful and cosy hotels we stayed in, the attention to detail and impeccable organisation was evident at each step.

Ewa Szteinduchert, Lawyer and Insurance Claims Director, London

The itinerary is fantastic and my expectations of the trip were high.  However, the reality well exceeded those expectations… when does this ever happen in life?! I’ve made life changing decisions since my return, and I’m now best friends with vulnerability – one of my intentions for the trip.

Jules Cooper, Yoga Teacher, UK

The entire trip is exquisitely curated so that each day and stage opens into the next, one’s insights and experiences unfolding seamlessly.  The true beauty held within Anna’s Peru trip though is contained in the group dynamic. Care and attention is given to create a space of trust that can hold you while you’re transforming.  It’s from this solid foundation of being held that Anna instigates the shamanic process and then steps out of the way, allowing each person to transform.  I’m certainly meeting and engaging with life in a way I hadn’t done before going to Peru.

Felicity Leahy, Surgeon, Australia

The truly special part about this trip was how the shamanic, archaeological and cultural elements were seamlessly woven together. It was clear a huge amount of thought and love had gone into its planning. I left with a true understanding of the country, and at the same time, had a deeper shamanic experience than I ever have before. I went to Peru to work on a major health issue. It’s 4 months since we returned and I am now feeling the best I have felt in over 4 years. This recovery feels like it will continue and is built on a solid foundation.

Sarah Williams, Small Business Owner

A magical experience. Against the wonderfully rich and beautiful surroundings of Peru, Anna managed to blend together a group that worked extremely well, with whom we could open our hearts and share our souls in the course of our shamanic journey. Anna was a mother to us all, looking over us and after us, giving us the attention and love we needed to help us on our individual journeys yet also the time and space to help us process and grow from our ceremonies. A very special trip indeed, and 3 months on I’ve experienced a noteable increase in inner belief and confidence. I am better equipped to deal with what comes and tackle the ebbs and flows of life, and people have noticed the difference in me.

Justin Brandon, Project Manager

An amazing trip in every aspect. The itinerary was well thought out and the acclimatisation to each area was gentle, flowing and totally immersive. I acquired a sense of ultimate grounding and calmness by the end of the trip, and I genuinely wanted to stay in Peru forever…

Tamara, Rating Analyst (Insurance Underwriter)

A marvellous experience. Anna had organised the most fantastic itinerary visiting beautiful and historic sites, as well as eating in some great restaurants. The shamanic work taught me how important it is to let go, and listen to and feel the energy around us. This was a very special trip and I enjoyed it hugely.

Mary Jane Russell, Interior Designer

Working with Anna and her superb team in Peru was a landmark life experience. I would recommend this trip to anybody. The details were worked out perfectly, and each one of them – no matter how apparently small – contained the potential for great healing! Almost 3 months after returning, I still feel a sense of groundedness and presence that I haven’t felt so consistently before. Having continued daily with the practices we were taught in Peru, I am confident that the changes that began out there will be with me for life!

Owen Richards, Singer-Songwriter & Barber, Yorkshire, UK

An extraordinary trip, filled with memorable experiences. Extremely well organised and informative, giving an insight into Peruvian culture and the beauty of this wondrous country. Anna skilfully engineers every stage to allow personal transformation in a safe and supportive environment. She is a graceful and discerning facilitator dedicated to her craft. This is a life changing adventure and I anticipate the wisdom gained to echo far into the distance.

Caroline, UK

The weeks in the mountains and the jungle were a blessed time of journeying and embracing the natural ecosystems of this beautiful country. I am very grateful for my time with Anna and the crew that were a part of the trip, friendships made for life and a journey that has allowed me to reclaim a long forgotten part of myself. I find myself integrating still and I am sure the blessings and lessons from the trip will continue long in the future.

Aoife Kane, Yoga Teacher, Ireland

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Anna distils the very best from shamanic techniques, and blends them with the most effective modern approaches to assist her clients in handling the inevitable challenges of daily life, and attaining sustainable inner peace. In her hands, shamanism becomes accessible, dynamic and relevant spirituality for the 21st century.

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