An Introduction to Shamanism

An Introduction to Shamanism


When: 4 April & 7 June 2020.

Where: Kailash, 7 Newcourt St, London NW8 7AA.

How much: £275


For the past 15 years, I have been combining powerful energy work using beautiful sound ceremonies and crystals, with bespoke visualisations to get my clients around the world feeling strong, calm, confident and well. I’m delighted to be bringing these 20,000-year-old shamanic traditions from the Peruvian Andes to this workshop.

What results can you expect?

* A profound detox of mental chatter and emotional disequilibrium leaving us grounded and present.
* Feeling calmer and stronger within yourself.
* Feeling healthier – similar to how you feel after an extended dietary detox, but in a much shorter time and without the inconvenience of fasting or juicing.
* Feeling clearer about yourself, and any pressing issues in your life.
* Feeling connected.
* Feeling confident and empowered.
* Enhanced creativity and polished intuition.
* Noticeable improvements in stress-related physical symptoms – lower back pain, IBS, headaches etc
* Feeling a deep sense of wellbeing.

How will we be working?

* This is a PRIVATE workshop that enables you to do your own internal process.
* There is no enforced sharing, and everyone will be working simultaneously.
* You’re in the driving seat, and you will decide how deep you go.
* You will spend most of our time together lying on yoga mats, relaxing.
* Two very deep visualisations provide a fun, powerful way of accessing your intuition to gain insight and clarity. They will leave you feeling strong, empowered and clear, and ANYONE can do them! See the video below for more info.
* Two super powerful and beautiful sound ceremonies promote a strong detox of mental overload and excess emotion, shifting how you feel and bringing you back to a point of centred equilibrium. See the video below for more info.
* Numbers are capped to ensure you receive personalised attention, and your experience is deep.

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What people are saying:

[Three days with Anna] enabled me to accept who I am. I haven’t smoked [since], I’ve made up with my mum, I’ve looked people in the eye, I’ve finished therapy, and I haven’t been lonely once.

Jessie Brinton writing in Harper’s Bazaar

The crushing guilt I felt about my divorce and my children has lifted. The brightness button has been turned up on my life. I feel peaceful, as if I’ve been meditating on a mountain in Tibet for 3 years. I feel like myself. A good, sorted, confident version of me.

Sharon Walker writing in Red Magazine

I have done two four-day retreats with Anna. Each has left me feeling like I have completed seven years of cognitive therapy. The progress I have made still amazes me and I feel light, strong and free. I met Anna when she gave a talk at Greenpeace, and I have now brought her to The Netherlands to work with my team.

Inge Wallage, International Communications Director, Greenpeace

Life is more fulfilling. I feel more grounded in reality. My ability to empathise has increased hugely and I get more out of people, yet I’m less worried what they think of me. I’m a lot happier in who I am. Confidence has replaced cockiness. My work with Anna hasn’t crushed my drive, it’s tempered it. I make better work decisions, and I have the ability to stop, while I see other colleagues go way beyond with extra work that doesn’t take them where they want to go.

Robert, Executive Accountant, ICAP [As told to Sunday Times, 27 April 2014]

About Anna

Anna distils the very best from shamanic techniques, and blends them with the most effective modern approaches to assist her clients in handling the inevitable challenges of daily life, and attaining sustainable inner peace. In her hands, shamanism becomes accessible, dynamic and relevant spirituality for the 21st century.

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