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This course is the result of 15 years of study, one-on-one, with a master shaman based in the high Andes of Peru. It provides an authentic, grounded and powerful introduction to shamanism, giving you a solid understanding of the four main principles that define this 20,000-year-old healing system. More than that, though, the principle focus of the course is facilitating your experience of these ancient traditions. This is the best way to learn, and through our work together, you will have the opportunity to destress, detox and reboot so that you enjoy noticeable improvements in your health and wellbeing. By the time you complete the course, you’ll be more optimistic, calm and resilient, with a greater connection to yourself, your intuition, and your inherent creativity.

Every day, I get numerous enquiries from people around the world wanting to work with me, but unable to get to the UK or to one of my international retreats. I’ve designed this course specifically to meet this very real need as I’m passionate about what my work can do. If you’ve not been able to meet me and work with me in person up ‘til now, this course is for YOU.

This course is suitable for anyone and everyone, from beginners who feel drawn to exploring shamanism further, to experienced practitioners looking to dive deeper.

I’m a shaman, thought-leader and modern educator bringing ancient wisdom to the modern world. I get you happier, stronger and more fulfilled, working and playing at your very best. My system combines the very old with the very new, utilizing three techniques: visualisation (accessible mindfulness), powerful shamanic practices mastered during a 15-year-apprenticeship to a medicine man based in the Peruvian Andes, and a cutting-edge modern methodology that utilises quantum physics to radically shift your thinking. My work produces tangible results quickly – typically one course will produce radical shifts in how you feel.

For more info about my practice, please check out this vlog:


This course is divided into four, fully-reproducible modules. Each one provides a dedicated learning experience into one of the fundamental principles of shamanism. The module does two things: firstly, it provides theoretical understanding of the principle in simple, grounded language delivered in video
format. This is then followed by a powerful experiential deep-dive so that you understand how that principle affects your life, and how working shamanically with that principle can tangibly help YOU.

The experiential work kicks off with short but powerful written exercises to get you de-stressed, present, and clear on what you’re looking for from that particular module. This video is accompanied by a downloadable workbook.

This is followed by a guided visualisation that I have specifically tailored to each module’s theme. Visualisation is really active mindfulness. With all the health benefits of mindfulness, such as reducing heart rate and lowering blood pressure, visualisation also provides you with enlightening and powerful insights into yourself, as well. It’s a foolproof and fun way of accessing your intuition, your inner wisdom – which is extremely empowering.

The visualisation is combined with a powerful, aesthetic and relaxing sound ceremony focused on assisting you in detoxing mental overload and emotional dis-equilibrium, so that you emerge from the practical work feeling refreshed, calm and well.

We conclude with further written work that ensures you integrate our time together and what you’ve learnt. For this, you’ll again need the downloadable workbook.

This experiential material is fully-reproducible and can be repeated as and when you choose. What’s more, each module builds on the previous one so that the course gently deepens both your theoretical understanding of shamanism, as well as its potential to help you enjoy greater confidence, clarity and inner calm.

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I have done two four-day retreats with Anna. Each has left me feeling like I have completed seven years of cognitive therapy. The progress I have made still amazes me and I feel light, strong and free. I met Anna when she gave a keynote speech at Greenpeace, and I have twice brought her to the Netherlands to work with my team.

Inge Wallage

International Communications Director, Greenpeace, Amsterdam

[Three days with Anna in Spain] enabled me to accept who I am. I haven’t smoked [since], I’ve made up with my mum, I’ve looked people in the eye, I’ve finished therapy, and I haven’t been lonely once.

Jessie Brinton

writing in Harper’s Bazaar

Within months of starting to work with Anna, my entire life changed. I left the toxic relationship I was in & started studying makeup artistry, as I’d dreamed. I am now working on fashion shows, and on editorials with fashion designers… I am loving my new life, and I feel it is only going to improve. I can say now, I am happy, at a very profound level.

Lara Schachat

Capetown, South Africa

Life is more fulfilling. I feel more grounded in reality. My ability to empathise has increased hugely and I get more out of people, yet I’m less worried what they think of me. I’m a lot happier in who I am. Confidence has replaced cockiness. My work with Anna hasn’t crushed my drive, it’s tempered it. I make better work decisions, and I have the ability to stop while I see other colleagues go way beyond with extra work that doesn’t take them where they want to go.

Robert H

Executive Accountant, ICAP, UK [as told to The Sunday Times]


I love this course. It works; I can reach out to use it in any way, at any time. One of the best investments I’ve made – ever.

Emer WynneBusiness Coach

I feel more grounded, more authentically confident and I make myself smile when I reflect upon the subtle behaviour changes that have occurred since finishing the course, and that I have adopted quite naturally. A truly positive, worthwhile and happy experience.

Shirley AttenboroughBusiness Psychologist & Leadership Coach

What a fantastic course! Wonderfully created to suit our busy lives, either as one complete module or three individual parts to be dealt with when time allows during each week.The beauty of this course is that I now have tools to work with over and over again.
I absolutely loved the visualisations and the sound ceremonies and I felt really relaxed after each one.
Change the way we look at things and the things we look at will change – so true!


I love the online course. It’s like having a very effective toolkit – you can pick and choose from the assortment of modules which one most appropriately suits your needs. To me, it’s like all of Anna’s best work condensed into bite-sized chunks which you can use at your leisure and forever! What I’ve noticed with continued use of the modules is that I am in tune more. I feel more connected, effective and stable, yet able to move forward past stuck emotions. In fact, mostly I feel things that would have derailed me before, now roll off my back.

Fiona CattoScotland

  • Beginners and experienced practitioners will both gain from the course as it is designed to meet you where you’re at, and take you as deep with the practical elements as you’re ready to go.
  • All you need is curiosity, an open-mind and an interest in getting to know yourself and learning how to look after yourself so that you can work and play at your very best.
  • Bring yourself – however you are. You don’t need to be feeling ‘perfect’ to begin. Begin where you are.
  • A pen and the downloaded workbook that accompanies each module.
  • A place where you can comfortably relax – either an armchair, a sofa, a bed etc.
  • Make sure you’re not going to be disturbed, that you allocate sufficient time for you to complete the module or the part of the module you’re planning on listening to.
  • Ideally, read my memoir, The Shaman In Stilettos, before starting the course or to accompany it. Info here:


This course is grounded, real, accessible and fun.

If you’re looking for a grounded, easy-to-understand and impeccably-researched introduction to shamanism, together with an experiential deep-dive into what these ancient arts can do for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to: Total Health: An Introduction to Shamanism

Cost: A single payment of just £147 for immediate and lifetime access.


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