Calgary 2023: A Transformative Retreat

A Six-Day Transformative Retreat: Ditch the brain noise and Reconnect

When: TBC

Where: Chimney Rock Ranch Retreat, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

How much: CAD5955 or £3425 (Single room) / CAD5455 or £3145 (Sharing)

There are times in life when we all need to retreat, take a breather, and look within to fundamentally change how we feel about ourselves and our lives.

This bespoke six-day retreat offers that opportunity.

Limited to just 6 leaders, this very special retreat will be themed around releasing stress and mental overload, re-connecting you with your authentic self, and, from there, boosting your inner strength, your vision for yourself and your ability to live that professional and personal vision, going forward.  The work will be powerful, transformative and the results will be sustainable, up-levelling your life – personally and professionally – way beyond our time together.

The setting for our retreat is Chimney Rock, one of the most beautiful centres I have visited. Nestled in Alberta’s Porcupine Hills, the centre is overlooked by a native American-Indian sacred site that has been worshipped for thousands of years as a way of connecting with power. Using a combination of 20,000-year-old shamanic techniques and modern methodologies that draw on cutting-edge quantum physics, I will enable you to dissolve mental chatter and overload, to find emotional equilibrium and freedom from even long-held baggage, to re-discover optimal physical health and wellbeing, and to both discover – and enhance – your spiritual connection with the animating consciousness behind everything.

My signature retreat programme will be combined with outdoors work, drawing on the stunning landscape around Chimney Rock, as we work with the elements: utilising the fire to release limiting beliefs and the stories we carry with us that don’t serve our ultimate professional and personal goals; working at a pristine waterfall to enable us to rediscover emotional equilibrium and poise; and visiting ancient woodland to harness the grounded tranquility of trees and the earth.

If you’re looking to boost your health and joie de vivre, and to release stress, overwhelm, fatigue, and unhappiness – this is the retreat for you. If you’re looking to make changes in your life – either professionally or personally – this retreat will enable you to move into the future with clarity and confidence. If you’re feeling stuck in the past – unable to get over a professional set-back, a relationship problem, a divorce or health challenge – or fearful of the future – professionally, financially or personally – this retreat will assist you in dissolving those dis-empowering emotions to become fully present. You will emerge from our days together feeling clear, confident, vital and well. Re-connected to a sustainable inner peace. & with a variety of techniques to keep yourself feeling on top going forward.

Please note, this retreat is by invitation only. For a detailed itinerary, please email us directly:


Chimney Rock is a truly beautiful centre, situated at the base of Alberta’s Porcupine Hills. Enjoy our gallery. Click the arrows on the left and right to see more.

Life is more fulfilling. I feel more grounded in reality. My ability to empathise has increased hugely and I get more out of people, yet I’m less worried what they think of me. I’m a lot happier in who I am… Confidence has replaced cockiness… My work with Anna hasn’t crushed my drive, it’s tempered it. I make better work decisions, and I have the ability to stop, while I see other colleagues go way beyond with extra work that doesn’t take them where they want to go.

Robert, Executive Accountant, ICAP as told to The Sunday Times

[Fours days with Anna] enabled me to accept who I am. I haven’t smoked [since], I’ve made up with my mum, I’ve looked people in the eye, I’ve finished therapy, and I haven’t been lonely once.

Jessie Brinton writing in Harper’s Bazaar, July 2011.

I have done two four-day retreats with Anna. Each has left me feeling like I have completed seven years of cognitive therapy. The progress I have made still amazes me and I feel light, strong and free. I met Anna when she gave a talk at Greenpeace, and I have now brought her to The Netherlands to work with my team

Inge Wallage, Communications Director, Greenpeace

About Anna

Anna distils the very best from shamanic techniques, and blends them with the most effective modern approaches to assist her clients in handling the inevitable challenges of daily life, and attaining sustainable inner peace. In her hands, shamanism becomes accessible, dynamic and relevant spirituality for the 21st century.

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