‘Anna Hunt is the face of the new shamanism’ – Stylist Magazine

I’m a thought-leader & modern educator bringing ancient wisdom to the modern world. I get you happier, stronger and more fulfilled, working and playing at your very best.

My practice combines three techniques: visualisation (accessible mindfulness), powerful shamanic practices mastered during a 20-year-apprenticeship to a medicine man based in the Peruvian Andes, & a cutting-edge modern methodology that utilises quantum physics to radically shift your thinking. Working with you to identify the challenges you face and your short and long-term goals around them, I tailor the combination of techniques we use to suit your unique personality and needs, creating a highly-personalised, targeted experience focused on shifting your blocks and getting you positive, confident, productive & purposeful. Fast.

My work produces tangible results quickly – typically one workshop or retreat will produce radical shifts in how you feel. What’s more, my aim is to teach you reproducible techniques that you can employ in daily life when required, going forward. This empowering approach is especially suited to anyone wanting to take responsibility for ensuring they are healthy, fulfilled and at peace.

A published Penguin author, I lead international retreats, workshops and one to one sessions for my portfolio of private and corporate clients. I deliver keynote, motivational speeches around the world. My practice distils the very best of ancient shamanic techniques & modern approaches to empower you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.